Smiling on the inside.

The truth is a vast thing. I see that now, just how much truth there is. Where would we even begin? The truth is you are not very smart. In fact, you’re only the 43rd smartest person in this building. [That’s based on what?] Every standardized test you ever took averaged together, not including your medical boards, which you cheated on. The truth is you smoke an average of nine cigarettes a week in the parking lot when you think no one’s looking. The truth is that you visit a massage parlor once or twice a month, that you pay for it with crisp $100 bills that you get out of the cash machine at the 7-Eleven across the street. The truth is that you fantasize on online forums about having sex with some of your patients, though not me… yet. I guess I’m not your type. The truth is, God is 11 years old, that she was born on New Year’s day, 2002, in Manhattan. The truth is that she’s chosen me, and I don’t know why yet, that for the first time in my life… I’m a little scared about what’s gonna happen. The truth is, I’m stuck here for now, and the only dialogue you need to be worried about is between me and her, which is why you might want to give me my phone back. Because I’m having an argument. Would you like to know the truth, doctor? About what we’re arguing over? Whether or not I’m gonna kill you.

The Killers - A Dustland Fairytale
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cinematic masterpiece

Topher in Every Episode | S01E05 | “True Believer”
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Person of Interest, in a nutshell:

Harold tries to balance his pride in creating an advanced AI which protects and saves countless people against his guilt over the destruction that has followed in the wake of his machine;  Reese tries to make restitution for a blood-soaked past by using the same skills that made him such an effective killer to now help save people;  Root tries to become the avatar of the machine, and only through doing so begins to understand that humanity is something to be protected, not pitied;

Sameen Shaw just tries to finish a damn meal.

So, you talked to Tammy. What’s it like to stare into the eye of Satan’s butt hole?

Donna’s like two-three days away from unspooling, it’s pretty fun to watch.


this messed me up so bad